An Introduction

I’ve been pondering the idea of starting a new blog for a long while now.  My problems in the past have been fairly simple:  although I want to update people I know about my life and share what I’ve learned, I’m a rather scatterbrained individual.  The sad truth is that my writing benefitted greatly from the rigor of college, but I’ve found it most difficult to adjust to informal, post-scholastic writing life.  So, a new blog must be established.

At this juncture in my life, I asked myself, “What is important to you?”, “About what are you passionate?”, and, quite importantly, I think, “Why would anyone give a damn about what you’re writing?”

My themes for this blog are quite simple.

  • I am passionate about being a voice for moderate and rational thoughts and ideals.
  • As such, I’m vehemently opposed to irrational people who spread hate from any angle.
  • I am not “just” a housewife.
  • Feminism is good for everybody.
  • I have a purpose.

Some examples of things you might see on my blog include…

  • how much I love to make pulled pork in the Crock Pot
  • how angry I feel every time someone I love and care about proves to have been brainwashed into hating someone (about whom they know nothing) thanks to the media
  • how I attempt to balance cynicism with unbridled empathy
  • how useless the words “liberal” and “conservative” are
  • how outraged I am every time I read a Matt Walsh blog entry
  • how much I’m bothered by staying in one place for “too long”
  • how crazy it is that enough people consider sex a taboo topic that I’ve seen the word “surprised” pop up in my news feed concerning a pregnancy
  • how wonderful my Kitchen Aid stand mixer is
  • how important it is to investigate one’s own health concerns
  • how I’ve made a strange apartment a home
  • how much I despise the Look people give me when I say I’m a housewife
  • how all religions can be wielded as a force for good or for evil
  • how nice it is to bake some scones on a cold day
  • etc.

I haven’t quite worked out how I’ll do all of this yet – I’m thinking I might just have to break down and make a schedule for myself – off the top of my head:  State of My Marriage Monday, Religious Talk Tuesday, Wacked Out Wednesday, Creative Thursday, and Quick Thoughts Friday.  I know a schedule would be helpful, but my married little tushy is afraid of that sort of commitment.  Go figure!

All this to say:  I’m barely rebellious and I’d love for you to join me.  How about it?


Rebellious Thoughts

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