Marriage Monday: Winter Whoas

My intent for “Marriage Monday” is to not only look at my own marriage, but to reflect on marriage as a whole and statements people make concerning it.  Each week will be something different, but marriage will be the theme throughout.

This week, as a warm up, I’ve simply reflected upon what Tom and I have been up to the past few months because this winter has brought many new adventures.


I make homes! (Click to check out the awesome vintage towel!)

We finished moving into our second apartment together.

Okay, we moved our stuff in and it’s still a work in progress.  However, we successfully have all of our crap in the place we live.  And that’s something.  Most of it’s even unpacked and some of it’s even organized!  Between celebrations and the anni-honey-cation, unpacking kept getting more and more pushed back.  Now, things are fairly well squared away I’m working out a plan to tackle the rest without getting overwhelmed.

We went on our first big trip together.

Our honey-cation-moon was a bang-up success.  We had so much fun visiting places from my childhood recollections and exploring a few new places together.  Honestly, though, even the places that were familiar to me seemed renewed, as I got to see them through Tom’s eyes, too.

  1. Las Vegas, NV:  We landed here, got our luggage, picked up our rental car, and stopped at my
    aunt’s house to borrow a cooler.
  2. Kingman, AZ:  I grew up here and enjoyed showing Tom around the old downtown, introducing him to my former church congregation, driving by my (much-changed) home from years ago, and investing a lot of family time.
  3. Anaheim, CA (Disneyland):  It rained, but that

    From top to bottom: Locomotive Park, Kingman, AZ; Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland, Anaheim, CA; Cable Car Museum and Power House, San Francisco, CA; Point Lobos State Park, CA; reminder signage in the bowels of Hoover Dam.

    just made the lines shorter.  It was a perfect rainy day – even if I did get glared at for putting Tom in the front seat of Splash Mountain and I ended up with raw soles after walking around with wet feet all day.

  4. Pismo Beach, CA:  We stopped at a lovely beachfront hotel on our way up the coast.  Also, the best clam chowder I’ve ever tasted was here.
  5. Lover’s Point, CA:  Also up the coast, we stopped here.  Although we were just outside Monterey, we stayed near our little hotel and enjoyed a sparse but adequate room.  We also ended up eating Mexicali we still haven’t stopped talking about every time someone brings up tacos.
  6. San Francisco, CA:  We had so much hope that we’d love San Francisco.  And then we got there.  It was hard to go from two days driving up the coast enjoying mind-blowing scenery to the insanity of city life.  The hills were killer, but the food was amazing.  And our adorable hotel was the best home base we could have imagined.
  7. Yosemite National Park, CA:  I never imagined that Yosemite would be as beautiful in the winter as it was the first time I was there the summer of 2004.  But we lucked out – the rains had made the Falls run strong, the deer were out, the Lodge cafeteria has wonderfully fluffy pancakes, and we got moments of complete seclusion in one of the most visited national parks.
  8. Sequoia National Park, CA  Kingman, AZ (again):  We were supposed to go to Sequoia, but our last morning in Yosemite, the weather report said Sequoia should receive 5-8 inches of snow.  We knew we’d be able to get in, but we didn’t know if we’d be able to get out, so we returned to Kingman.  This time, we both knew some places.  We had a lot of fun.
  9. Las Vegas, NV:  We stopped at Hoover Dam on the way and stayed for five hours.  Tom had a field day and we did everything we could possibly do, including the full tour, the old visitors’ center, and we even viewed the spillway.  Once in the city, we ended up having to argue about the first hotel room we received, but we ended up with a fantastic whirlpool suite instead.  We had fun walking around the Strip, getting breakfast with my aunt and darling girl cousin, eating good stuff we can’t find at home, and even made a trip out to Red Rock Park.

We made it to our first marriage anniversary.

We were in San Francisco December 7th.  Tom and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary while vacationing in San Francisco.  Although the day started out a bit rocky, we ended the day with a fantastic dinner of upscale Mexican and even treated ourselves to  the most incredible gelato on our way back to our cute little hotel.  We reminisced about our first year and very much enjoyed being together.


I guess Fox liked the smell of the Christmas cookies.

We celebrated Christmas with our families and each other.

For the first time since we started sharing holidays, Christmas 2014 was the first whose schedule we’d followed the year before.  Christmas Eve, we spent with Tom’s more extended family.  We play a game and end up with grab-bag gifts.  Christmas Day, we woke up, ate breakfast together, opened our gifts to each other and Fox, and drank coffee by our lovely Christmas tree.  Then we headed out to our hometown and went to my church – we were a little late.  Immediately after, we went to my grandfather and great-aunt’s home to help prepare the big meal.  After a flurry of activity and more guests, dinner, and presents, we left.  Tom’s family’s home is more relaxed, but just as nice.  We ate, got wonderful gifts, and enjoyed nice warm drinks!

We’ve grown a beard – well, Tom has, but I’ve facilitated it.

Like many men, I think, Tom tends to take a break from shaving while away from work.  Unlike many men, Tom shaves before work at 6 am and already has some serious scruff by 9 am.  It’s crazy, but it’s true.  He was off of work for a month.  By that time, he’d fought through the worst of the itchy phase and had a nice fully grown beard, so he’s kept it!  I’ve helped along the way, lending my conditioners, offering my moisturizer, and buying some Aveeno for men exfoliating face wash.  It’s a fun little switch, so we’re enjoying it while we can.


This is my beautiful kitchen.

So, how’s it going?

This winter’s adventures have been a lot of fun, but stressful sometimes, too.  We spent many hours in a gorgeous rental car, sang silly songs, rocked out to “All About That Bass,” and learned how to better communicate under pressure.  The memories we made were priceless.  Our new little apartment has proven quite cozy and our time together over Christmas was incredible.  I’m thankful for our little family and happy we’re where we are.  I’ve been a housewife for 410 days and I’m so happy to be 19 days into 2015 with my best friend.

As I heard Jessica Fletcher say on an episode of Murder, She Wrote, today, “What is this you’re saying about marriage and perfection?  There’s no such thing as a perfect marriage!”


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