Quick Thoughts Friday: First Week

Just one of those days.

Just one of those days.

Today’s the day when listing this week’s feelings is sufficient, which is awesome because I have had one helluva disgusting feeling day.  And, though I typed most of this list while lying on the couch this morning, now I’m sitting in a little twin bed and it’s technically Saturday…

No matter.

  • I feel like death warmed over, as my Nana would say.
  • Putting Vick’s on my feet helps my sore throat (and it’s helped my feet in their ongoing healing process from a waterlogged day in Disneyland!).

    I get to spend my night with the dashing Fox.

    I get to spend my night with the dashing Fox.

  • Tom's spending the night with a girl named Daisy.

    Tom’s spending the night with a girl named Daisy.

    I just want to curl up in a ball with Fox and Tom and sleep for the next two days.  Instead, I’m about to curl up in a twin bed with Fox and see Tom in the morning because the family dog wants to so badly to be with people… and Fox does, too.

  • (Cont.)  These animals are in charge of my life.
  • We’re house sitting this weekend.  Mini family vacation!
  • I read an article on the Fox News website yesterday that wasn’t disturbingly skewed. But then I watched the accompanying news clip and was disgusted by the anchor woman’s badgering of the field reporter. I mean, God forbid she have some journalistic integrity and not inject her opinions and beliefs into her reports, right?!

    Just let the journalist speak, you charlatan!

    Just let the journalist speak, you charlatan!

  • I’m going to tackle some timely controversial subjects next week.
  • I get frustrated with the lack of snarky baby girl clothing when I let myself look at clearance racks for my friends who are expecting a baby daughter in the next few weeks. (!!!!!)
  • Fox knew we were gearing up for a trip this weekend. He was not okay with it.
  • I really hate how my body deals with things like scented soaps and its gender.
  • Oven baked chicken thighs is my new go-to chicken recipe.
  • I learned yesterday that Meghan Trainor is 5’2″ and a size 12, making her the size of the “average” American woman. I’m all about that because it’s a major step forward for someone to say, “I wrote the song to help people be comfortable in their own skin.  I wrote it for me because I wasn’t comfortable when I wrote it.  I was like, ‘This is what I said and sounded like – and felt.’  So, now, singing it every day, you can see I do feel like that and it’s helped me and it’s helped a lot of people.  But yeah, the goal wasn’t to bash skinny people.”

    I'm constantly singing this in my head and I'm not sick of it yet. #bodyconfidence

    I’m constantly singing this in my head and I’m not sick of it yet.  I silently rock out to the beat and Tom can tell because I have a special dance for it.  #bodyconfidence

  • Herba-Tussin tea can cause adverse effects. Word to the wise.

    Not rare enough.

    Not rare enough, my friends.

  • Our Christmas stuff is still all up. You didn’t just read that. But seriously… It’s really pretty and it makes us happy.


    I have loved Maggie Smith since I first set eyes on her in Hook.

  • I found out this week that my knee pain probably all started with (apparently) dislocating it badly five years ago and that the only thing to try is physical therapy. More on that later, depending on what we decide to do. The initial appointment kicked my patootie patella, though!
  • Can be please stop talking about feminism like it’s an evil thing?

    Joan Holloway thinks you're stupid.  You don't want to piss her off.

    Joan Holloway thinks you’re stupid. You don’t want to piss her off.

  • Thursday was the fourth anniversary of the day Tom and I realized we both had more than friendly feelings for one another – at the same time. I can honestly say nothing’s been the same since!

    I like Timehop.

    I like Timehop.

  • Naps make the body feel better.
  • Fox has been transported in a picnic basket twice this week.
  • I’m about to try to fall asleep to Downton Abbey because I haven’t watched this past Sunday’s episode yet.

karen enough

Karen’s right.  I’m done. See you Monday!

I’m really proud of myself for staying on top of my posts this week and I’m learning a lot about WordPress as I go. I love it and the community that inhabits the site is really supportive, which is super encouraging.  Barely Rebellious is a success so far.  Thank you for reading!  Please like, follow, share, comment, or do something to let me know you’re a fan.


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