Quick Thoughts Friday: Second Week

Here goes nothing.

  • This week, I started physical therapy for an old knee injury and it’s pretty entertaining sometimes.  I’m hoping it helps in the long-term!
  • You should probably start shopping at Aldi sometimes.
  • Tom and I have crackers, cheese, and sausage for dinner about once a week.
  • It’s snowing again.
  • Without realizing it, I bought Tom a bunch of beverages for our fourth dating-versary: Kauai’s Island Sunrise K-Cups, Spiced Apple Cider pouches, and Sangria.
  • Having a washing machine in our apartment allows me to do a tiny load of laundry whenever I want.  What a luxury!
  • I’ve been getting up with Tom every morning.  Now I’m feeling much more understanding of the time he wants to go to bed.
  • Fox and I have been watching Murder, She Wrote and Once Upon a Time.  Fox actually watches Once Upon a Time, however, which is sort of hilarious.
  • I’m getting more and more healthy by the day.  Coffee rocks!
  • I need to cut my nails and I’d like to get a pedicure.
  • When I watch Once Upon a Time, I keep getting really distracted by the amount of glitter on Rumpelstiltskin’s face.  Ew.

    As is your face.  How do you get that clean?!

    As is your face. How do you get that clean?!

  • I’m tired already.
  • I sort of want to buy Meghan Trainor’s album.
  • I need to figure out what to do with myself when Tom’s gone next week.  Naturally, I’m working on a Netflix playlist of things I can’t watch when he’s home.
  • My most visited post this week was Pianos and Songs.  Check it out!

I’ve got to head out to walk on a funny piece of foam and get myself into weird stretching positions in public.



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