Quick Thoughts Friday (Week 4)

I've been thinking about our anni-honey-cation-moon SO MUCH lately.   <3

I’ve been thinking about our anni-honey-cation-moon SO MUCH lately. ❤

Well, I mean, it’s still Friday in my birth state of California, so I’m going to fudge it and get this thing done.

But first, I’d like to apologize for being overzealous in my blogging goals this week.  I had a bit more on my plate and invested a good many hours hanging out with Tom and getting stuff done around home.

  • I had a dream about my wedding during last night’s sleep – it was like our actual wedding, but more the misty shiny way you’d see it play out in a movie.  Except that the reception appeared to be in a gymnasium, but I did get to see some of the people I love who I haven’t seen since then, which kept me sleeping quite a bit longer than I intended.
  • I just made Tom’s Valentine’s Day card.  I’ve been getting sort of into card making from time to time lately.  Having beautiful card stock and being cheap will do that to a girl, I suppose.
  • I’ve looked into getting a pixie around where I live.  It might be happening soon.
  • After thinking it was a disgusting proposition for quite some time, I’ve been coconut oil cleansing for just over a week now and I have to say my skin’s never looked or felt better.  Honestly, I have had some patches of bad breakouts since I began.  They’re dying down, though, and my face has never been so moisturized, soft, un-flaky, and clear overall.  I’m intrigued by where the breakouts have been happening – places I don’t normally break out, the first, notably, on and around the scar on my forehead.  Still, I’m romanced by the softness and the relaxing routine.
  • We have no plans for Valentine’s Day; I expect to cook because I’m sure my darling hasn’t made reservations anywhere.
  • Netflix gave me an incredibly thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift, one of my favorite movies, Fools Rush In.  We’ll be watching that tomorrow, as I’ve been raving about it for years and have never found anyone else who’ll watch it with me.
  • Having a husband is sometimes like having a prisoner:  “I watch this; you watch this.”  I’m so excited I’m not even sorry.
  • Sing it, Meghan Trainor!  ("Lips Are Moving")

    Sing it, Meghan Trainor! (“Lips Are Moving”)

    We all need to just stop assuming people are whatever age we assume they are.  I’m not in high school, and even when I was, I detested it when people assumed I wasn’t smart or well-informed.

  • I left my one-quart water bottle in the car when we came home from dinner.  I don’t know how you people drink enough water out of glasses without going insane.
  • I’m excited to hang out with Tom tomorrow.
  • The anti-communist propaganda in Murder, She Wrote, is so strange to me.  It’s so dramatic, so sad, and Jessica Fletcher always knows just what to say to defectors and would-be defectors.
  • I am, as Tom once said, “caffeine-dependent and forgetful.”
  • We’ve been watching Jimmy Fallon clips fairly often lately.  Tonight, we watched about five of his Hashtag bits and just about giggled to death.
  • Sorry I sucked at getting this out, but I’ll shoot to get Contraceptionist part 3 out Sunday or Monday.  (Check out part 1 or part 2 now!)
  • I think I’d probably better coconut oil cleanse my face now, brush my teeth, and get myself to bed.



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