Pixie for a Week (Creative Thursday)

A week ago, I went “pixie”.  When I walked out of that salon, my only thought was,

A tiny chunk of hair was driving me crazy.  My sweet stylist trimmed it up!

A tiny chunk of hair was driving me crazy. My sweet stylist trimmed it up!

“Well, it’s time to start growing it out!”

Then I got home and messed around with it.

And I haven’t stopped experimenting since then.  I can’t keep my hands out of it.  I’ve borrowed a flat iron, used my blow dryer ever time I shower, and bought a fragrance-free styling cream from Amazon.

Here’s what I have to say about being a pixie so far!


  • “What led to this decision?” is a much better question than, “Why did you do that?”  And, for the record, try not to sound disgusted when asking either question.
  • 10424308_10206017620057014_8354679950439003028_nWearing earrings has never been more fun.  I’ve bought a couple variety packs of studs and it’s so much fun to showcase my piercings.  Having had the two “standard” piercings for 17.5 years, the left second for around 15 years, and the other three (second right, third left, and left cartilage) for 8 years, I guarantee you no one’s noticed them as much before as they do now!  It’s really fun to mix colors, shapes, and sizes.
    And it’s just sort of fun to be able to let people see them and not have a choice in the matter.
  • 10473917_10206017441972562_6350929957395871415_nI have a feminine face.  Hear me out – all through my childhood, I heard people tell other little girls, “You’re going to be a heartbreaker!”  They’d turn to my grinning face and say, “Oh, that hair is so cute!”  And, all through my life, I’ve been self-conscious about my looks.  Between my weight, zits, oiliness, and skin sensitivity, I’ve always felt like I don’t really look much like a girl.  Now, I know there are some who would argue that femininity doesn’t matter, but believe me when I say that my hair was the only thing that made me feel like a woman.  After all, society tells us that women have long hair, so it’s innately feminine, even on a masculine woman’s face.
    But I came home and looked at myself and thought, “Whoa!  I have a girl’s face!”
    I never knew.
  • Bangs are hot (temperature wise), but I look cute with them.
  • People online talk about how much lighter their heads feel after pixie cuts.  My hair is actually so light that it made no discernible difference to the weight of my head.
  • Tom would love me even if I was bald.  He’d probably even still think I’m cute.
  • I cannot stress enough how nice it is to apply lip balm and not get my hair stuck in it.
  • I feel stronger somehow, impish.

Weird things:

  • Family and friends – even those who haven’t touched my hair in years – will reach out to see how it feels.  This hasn’t bothered me, but it is a little strange for my hair to garner so much attention that merely looking doesn’t do.petertinkwendy
  • People have compared my hair to Peter Pan and TinkerBell.  Listen up: if you’re referring to Tink in the animated Disney classic (and all of her more recent animated incarnations – and even OUAT), she has a blonde bun, you dimwit.  If you’re referring to Julia Roberts’s stunning Tink in Hook, however, my hair will undoubtedly look like hers at some point in the growing out process.  As far as Peter Pan’s hair, I love him and am more than willing to sport his ginger ‘do.


    I just can’t imagine standing so close to an over grown Barbie.

  • I still move my hair like I have a pony tail swinging around behind me.
  • I shake my bangs because I’m not used to them.
  • Fox likes to nuzzle my bangs – and he’s much happier about my short hair since it stopped smelling so funny from product.1902753_10206017598176467_8190079726898365482_n

Hair changes (other than it just being really effing short):

  • No, I don’t feel like I can do absolutely anything or like I’m a totally different person,but like I can do whatever I want to with my hair.  I noticed last night that the part around my left ear was hitting the top of my ear more than I liked.  You know what I did?  I trimmed it myself.  That’s a first.  I’ve also been using styling products and tools.  I’ve been searching in hair accessory departments.  I’m going to start making some custom hair accessories because I’m picky, evidently.
  • I basically never styled my hair when it was long.  I didn’t know how, it was tangly, and there was so much of it.  The best I could do was straw curls (or some other no heat method) once or twice a year.  It took so much time and more effort than I cared to invest in something that would last a day.  I was a wash and go girl; on a good day, I’d flip wet, clean hair over and blow it

    This is the closest I’ve gotten it to how I originally envisioned it.

    dry from the back at the roots.
    I made the mistake of trying to blow my pixie dry like that the first time.  It was really puffy, but it only took 28 seconds.  I have since learned how to blow dry it now.  That said, I am also using Bumble and bumble styling lotion on my wet hair and putting a little product in while it’s wet and a bit more after it’s dry.
    I’ve been doing more to my hair the past week than I ever did before, but I honestly think it takes about the same amount of time for me to actually style it and make it look interesting now as it did just to blow dry it when it was long.

  • Because I’m so sensitive to anything scented – and I somehow managed to overlook this personal truth in my pixie cut research, I’m so happy I have been able to find a fragrance-free option, which also seems to work really well.  I don’t care that it happens to be made for men!
  • Did you know that you can blow dry your hair in the direction you want it to go?  This is something most people probably know and I’m just dumb about, but it’s helped me a lot lately.
  • My hair is just starting to lose its oh-my-gosh-where-did-the-rest-of-this-strand-go weightlessness and the front is liking to lay on my forehead rather nicely.
  • I haven’t found a single snarl, tangle, or clump in my hair in the past week.  And I just use Tom’s comb.  What world is this?
  • For years, my shampooing technique has been:  scrub at the scalp, rinse, and wring the moisture out from root to end of the hair (which was about nine inches down my back.  It seems so backwards now, which short hair by my neck and long(er) hair at my crown and near my face!  I’m equalizing.
  • I’ve switched up my hair routine significantly.  I’ve started using Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint 18-in-1 liquid soap as a shampoo (such a little bit goes so far!) and some Wen Cleansing Conditioner to condition the ends of my longer strands.
  • I’ve read and seen people online talk about needing to wash their hair more post-pixie than pre-pixie because it gets dirty faster.  I’d just like to say that my hair, after a couple days, does the cool stuff a lot more easily.  However, my copper-tone gingerness means that it also gets significantly darker the longer it’s been unwashed.  I like the brightness more, so, while I have been washing it more frequently, maybe I’ll cut back again when I get more used to how my hair looks short and dirty.  I also might start putting cocoa on my hair as a “dry shampoo” again.
  • When I wake up in the middle of the night, I often think my hair is in a pony tail or something.  Nope.
Warning:  extreme bedhead.

Warning: extreme bedhead.

So, I don’t know that I’m so used to my change yet to say, “Yes, it has changed my life,” but I can say that it’s changed my outlook on short hair.

Are you ready?

When I started this, my thesis was, simply, “I can get it cut once and let it grow back the rest of my life because then I’ll be able to know what it’s like.”

But I’m thinking I might have to keep it around a bit longer than I originally anticipated.  It feels very me, which is odd for someone who’s forever identified herself with Ariel’s long tresses.  But here I am, a week later, feeling spunky, confident, stylish, feminist, cool, flippant, cute, pretty, and feminine – with short hair.  I’m considering getting it cut shorter next time.

That’s how much I like it.

What have I done?!


10 thoughts on “Pixie for a Week (Creative Thursday)

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  2. This is great! I was nodding my head along with everything you wrote {even though I’ve never cut my hair pixie-short}, and then you said that you put cocoa in your hair for dry shampoo and my world is tilted really far on its axis and you must tell me more!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • 🙂 Oh, it’s super easy! I’ve read that people use corn starch, too – and that some people mix the two to get a proper color. Cocoa seems to blend pretty well on me, though. A lot of sites recommend a shaker to shake the cocoa onto the oily roots, by I tend to just pinch some up, sprinkle it on my roots and rub it in a bit, then shake out the excess. It works really well and it doesn’t smell bad. Everyone likes the smell of chocolate, right? I keep wanting to try dry shampoo, but it’s impossible to find any without fragrance! I’ve also read that people use the cocoa as a texturizing/volumizing agent. Just cocoa powder: no sugar means it doesn’t get sticky.


      • Just regular cocoa powder!? Seriously?? I will have to try that!!!
        The only dry shampoo I’ve tried that actually works {and it smells kinda like baby powder, so idk if that counts as a fragrance for you} is by Dove. It comes in a white bottle with a pink logo {of course I like it 😉 } and it’s great, but slightly pricey. Worth it to me, but cocoa powder sounds fantastic!


  3. I have had short hair for most of my life. I would never want to change it. I think that the pixie fits your personality as you describe it in your posts. I love the look!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m glad you’re enjoying your new look! I had an experience much like yours and never went back to growing my hair longer than I could cut it with a set of clippers. Mine is related to time consumption as well as vanity; I figured that I saved myself about 2 days per year by no longer blow drying, combine & styling, etc.

    Liked by 1 person

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