Quick Thoughts Friday: Week 6

Thank you!

Thank you!

Guys and girls, this is my 25th post!

Although this week hasn’t been very productive, exciting, or especially memorable, I’m so proud of this blog’s progress over the past 6 weeks.

Thank you to all of you who read this blog and have made it more promising than I might ever have imagined!

  • This week, Barely Rebellious broke 1,000 views.  As I type this, my all time views stand at 1,184.  That’s just awesome.  I feel so happy, blessed, and excited.
  • I had my first bad hair day today: it started with waking up ten minutes from an appointment time and combined with a lost comb to end up with parts of my hair sticking straight up.
  • When I start napping, I can’t stop.
  • Game nights rock.
  • I did really well with my measurements and the strength tests they do at physical therapy this week.  It felt amazing to hear my primary PT say, “Solid as a rock!” about my hip strength.  As a rock.
  • No, really.  That made me feel like a rock star.
  • Putting heat on my knee first thing in the morning really does seem to help.  “I feel like only old people put heat on their joints in the morning,” I told my 79 year-old Papa.  His response?  “So do athletes!”
  • Now that I’ve deemed myself an athlete – because I’m in no way willing to fall into the other category, I suppose my next adventure after PT ends will be actually using our gym membership.  Novel!
  • I’m also supposed to be icing it at night, so I’m very seriously considering investing in one of these bad boys because the PTs tease me about not wanting to leave the ice packs at the end of my sessions.
  • Ayran and Biskrem Duo can make any day better.11017839_10206060865578125_4365064166224211574_n
  • I’ll never stop being amazed by how three weeks in Turkey made my taste buds crave Middle Eastern cuisine – and make that good comfort food.
  • We’re watching the third episode of the new season of House of Cards.
  • I’ve found a new hair comradery with fellow pixies, just like I have forever with redheads.
  • My dear husband is so good at accommodating my needs.
  • I got the sudden urge to paint my nails today.
  • Tom says really funny things when he’s falling asleep sometimes.
  • Fox has been switching between sleeping by my feet and Tom’s while we watch TV in the evening.  It makes us all quite happy.
  • It was only 15 degrees today, but it was sunny and it made me happy.11017687_10206060972380795_2515241096440112430_n
  • I went all day today without coffee; I got my caffeine from a few cups of black tea.
  • I love cold filtered water.
  • I walked outside with my coat off today just to feel rebellious.
  • I went to Ulta today for the first time.  I was really impressed that they keep the perfumes off to one side so you have a choice in whether or not you wish to be bombarded by scent.  That’s my kind of store.
  • Coconut oil cleansing – still great.
  • I mentioned in yesterday’s Pixie for a Week that I use cocoa powder as a dry shampoo.  I received some interest from my friend Rebekah over at The Contemplations of a Daughter about that comment.  So, here’s the long and short of what I do.  I heard about it online somewhere and made it my own.  All I use is pure cocoa powder – though I’ve read that lighter haired people use corn starch or a mixture of the two – or even some other things.  Google around for DIY dry shampoo.  You’re bound to find something that’ll work for you!  Because my hair is coppery red, it’s hard to find anything to match my hair, but the natural color of cocoa powder seems to work well.
    All I do is pick some up with my fingers, put it on my roots, and rub it in as well as I can.  I tend to use a bit much, so I just shake my hair into the bathroom sink to remove the excess.  I haven’t actually done this with my pixie, but it worked well with my long hair!
    Also, I’m sure that bottled dry shampoo works well, but I’m not only too cheap, but I also suspect I’m too sensitive to fragrances to use any I’ve found.
  • I made these carnitas this week and they were delicious.  I had a 2.5 pound Canadian pork roast, and substituted dried cilantro for the oregano and used three “Cuties” clementines instead of the orange.  Go on, try it!  Crock Pots are incredible inventions.
  • I get to watch the original Star Wars: A New Hope tomorrow.  One of my closest friends, Colleen, has managed to make it over twenty-seven years without seeing any of the series – with the notable exception of a terrible bootlegged DVD of Revenge of the Sith.  We’re also
    Fox's best buddy is that mouse on the right.

    Fox’s best buddy is that mouse on the right.

    going to make soft pretzels with a kit from Ben’s.

  • Fox and I unearthed his kitty hoard today.  He was very excited to be reunited with his favorite mousie, his first toy from when he came to live with us.  I can’t count the mornings I woke up with that mousie in the bed next to me or the number of times Fox passed out snuggling with it.

I’m excited for this weekend and the adventures it will bring.  “See” you Monday!


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