About Me



Like everyone else, I wear many caps.  Some of the more important roles I play day to day are Tom’s wife, writer, reader, singer, Fox the cat’s “mother,” feminist, dishwasher, daughter, babysitter, granddaughter, interior designer, niece, chauffeur, friend, moderate, Netflix enthusiast, music fan, redhead, creative, fuzzy blanket cuddler, Believer, artist, seeker of passion, and daydreamer.

I can only get things done when I figure out how to rig a creative element into them.  I enjoy making things beautiful and keeping things going.

I can't even hide behind my hair anymore!

I can’t even hide behind my hair anymore!

Being an adult means I get to create my future and that’s pretty darn exciting.  I’m working on embracing who I really am and blogging regularly is helping.  I attempt to blog each weekday, but I confess I’ve missed some here and there (and will continue to in the future – because the stuff that’s going on around me often distracts me from what wants to get out of my head and onto a computer screen).  Those daily posts tend to follow these themes (all of which can be found by searching in the search bar or finding the theme in my categories!):

  • Marriage Monday:  Marriage Monday posts are often about my marriage, but also about the larger meaning of marriage and how it works – and doesn’t.
  • Religious Talk Tuesday:  These posts are about religious expression, faith, beliefs, acceptance, encouragement, and being receptive to differences.  Although I consider myself a Christian, I know some more traditional Christians who might disagree with me on that.  I’m also very into understanding different interpretations of God, faith, and religion.
  • Whatever Wednesday:  Whatever Wednesday is sort of a free-for-all day that allows me to rant about whatever is on my mind.  Not that I can’t do that any day, but having one set aside is nice.
  • Creative Thursday:  I’m a very creative person seeking to embrace my creativity and share it with the world.  I create my home, my own greeting cards, how I handle life, I write short stories, I write poems, and more.
  • Quick Thoughts Friday:  Although I tend to get long-winded most of the time, QTF lets me bullet point out my thoughts, opinions, revelations, and happenings from the week before I take off the weekend.

I invite you to come along with me to be barely rebellious.

You know you want to!


Rebellious Thoughts

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