“Yahweh,” or, “inhale; exhale”

I wasn't allowed to be a Girl Scout. I really wanted to be a Girl Scout. I wasn't allowed to take my Harry Potter books to church to read while my Papa worked in his office and Nana practiced the organ. I wasn't allowed to dress up as a ghost, witch, devil, or anything else scary. I was told yoga was sinful. Because they pray regardless of faith. Because people think they're teaching you devil worship. Because someone might see and they might talk. Because it's a heathen religion.


Stumbling over Bibles (Religious Talk Tuesday)

A number of years ago, a friend saw a waterproof Bible, requested it for the next holiday, and received it.  Everyone applauded this friend, saying how godly and good it is to want a Bible for a gift, to hunger for the Word so deeply that one wishes to read it even in the shower, … Continue reading Stumbling over Bibles (Religious Talk Tuesday)