Sew much! (Creative Thursday)

A couple weeks ago, while admiring a darling navy and white knit fabric (at a great price, mind you) in a thrift shop, I found myself texting:  "Tom, I want to sew things and I feel guilty about it."  I received this reply: "Don't feel guilty, sew!" Maybe I  should rewind a little further.  Last … Continue reading Sew much! (Creative Thursday)


Pixie for a Week (Creative Thursday)

A week ago, I went "pixie".  When I walked out of that salon, my only thought was, "Well, it's time to start growing it out!" Then I got home and messed around with it. And I haven't stopped experimenting since then.  I can't keep my hands out of it.  I've borrowed a flat iron, used … Continue reading Pixie for a Week (Creative Thursday)