“Yahweh,” or, “inhale; exhale”

I wasn't allowed to be a Girl Scout. I really wanted to be a Girl Scout. I wasn't allowed to take my Harry Potter books to church to read while my Papa worked in his office and Nana practiced the organ. I wasn't allowed to dress up as a ghost, witch, devil, or anything else scary. I was told yoga was sinful. Because they pray regardless of faith. Because people think they're teaching you devil worship. Because someone might see and they might talk. Because it's a heathen religion.


experimentations in self care

I want to talk about my "Self Care" section now. It's not a concept I'd really ever heard of before. I'd heard people recommend "taking time for yourself" or the ever-helpful "just relax" offered by people frustrated by others' anxiety, but my soul sister came through in a big way a few weeks ago. "You gotta find what works for you... Do one thing each day that makes you feel good." One thing.

little victories

I don't want to put the specifics on loud speaker, but here's the gist. I've had the foundations of my life shaken. Old trauma was brought into new, brighter, meaner light. I can't think about a time of this year without my heart pounding, my breath quickening, and my eyes welling up.