experimentations in self care

I want to talk about my "Self Care" section now. It's not a concept I'd really ever heard of before. I'd heard people recommend "taking time for yourself" or the ever-helpful "just relax" offered by people frustrated by others' anxiety, but my soul sister came through in a big way a few weeks ago. "You gotta find what works for you... Do one thing each day that makes you feel good." One thing.


How my education failed me and a sitcom rescued me

I was one of those kids that most kids hate. I loved school.  There wasn't a single aspect I didn't love.  Back to school shopping?  I did it this year and no one in my household is going to school.  Reading?  I was the Book It champ.  Writing?  More than the teacher could handle.  Science?  Accelerated … Continue reading How my education failed me and a sitcom rescued me

Contraceptionist part 1 (Whatever Wednesday)

Contraception, probably most colloquially known - these days - as "birth control," is today's taboo topic. Too often we are led to believe there are two types of birth control: condoms and "the Pill."  As an aside, I think it's amusing that, 65 years after contraceptive pills began being researched professionally, we still often refer … Continue reading Contraceptionist part 1 (Whatever Wednesday)

Cooking for My Husband (Marriage Monday)

I have a selfish housewife confession. Are you ready? I like cooking for Tom. See, I often feel bombarded from all sides concerning what I should enjoy or should do instead of being a housewife.  I feel like feminists are telling me I should focus on myself and traditionalists (misogynists?  I can't think of a better word right … Continue reading Cooking for My Husband (Marriage Monday)