“Yahweh,” or, “inhale; exhale”

I wasn't allowed to be a Girl Scout. I really wanted to be a Girl Scout. I wasn't allowed to take my Harry Potter books to church to read while my Papa worked in his office and Nana practiced the organ. I wasn't allowed to dress up as a ghost, witch, devil, or anything else scary. I was told yoga was sinful. Because they pray regardless of faith. Because people think they're teaching you devil worship. Because someone might see and they might talk. Because it's a heathen religion.


“We’re not taking requests.” (Whatever Wednesday)

You know what's weird? No one used to ask me the awkward questions because I was obviously awkward enough. "Do you have a boyfriend?"  Not once. "When are you going to get married?"  Nope. Once, a near-family member said to me, "You know, getting married is something you should really think about doing," in her … Continue reading “We’re not taking requests.” (Whatever Wednesday)

Contraceptionist part 1 (Whatever Wednesday)

Contraception, probably most colloquially known - these days - as "birth control," is today's taboo topic. Too often we are led to believe there are two types of birth control: condoms and "the Pill."  As an aside, I think it's amusing that, 65 years after contraceptive pills began being researched professionally, we still often refer … Continue reading Contraceptionist part 1 (Whatever Wednesday)