little victories

I don't want to put the specifics on loud speaker, but here's the gist. I've had the foundations of my life shaken. Old trauma was brought into new, brighter, meaner light. I can't think about a time of this year without my heart pounding, my breath quickening, and my eyes welling up.


“We’re not taking requests.” (Whatever Wednesday)

You know what's weird? No one used to ask me the awkward questions because I was obviously awkward enough. "Do you have a boyfriend?"  Not once. "When are you going to get married?"  Nope. Once, a near-family member said to me, "You know, getting married is something you should really think about doing," in her … Continue reading “We’re not taking requests.” (Whatever Wednesday)

Contraceptionist part 1 (Whatever Wednesday)

Contraception, probably most colloquially known - these days - as "birth control," is today's taboo topic. Too often we are led to believe there are two types of birth control: condoms and "the Pill."  As an aside, I think it's amusing that, 65 years after contraceptive pills began being researched professionally, we still often refer … Continue reading Contraceptionist part 1 (Whatever Wednesday)